Welcome to MPeer Networks

MPeer Networks Inc. is a British Columbia based software technology company with operation office in Vancouver, and servicing many clients across Canada.

We specialize in supporting and customization all open source applications and systems, eg. Electronic Medical/Dental Record, Web Server, Linux, etc., for physicians, dentists, family practices and other healthcare providers.

In Canada, we recommend all health providers to use the open source EMR software from the link below as the main EMR. For more info, click on the url below. The open source EMR software from above link has been implemented in many clinics across Canada with most users found in Ontario and BC.

We also design and develop custom applications to interact with the open source EMR software from above link as per our client's requests.

For any inquiry or DEMO, please contact our staff by phone or email below :

Support Staff
Phone : 778-859-9969
Email : info@mpeer.net

Tom Le
Phone : 604-612-6617
Email : tle@mpeer.net

Thank you for your interest in our services.